REMEMBER THESE WORDS..” I’m SO never having kids…no really ,not a chance dude!
Well here’s a cute read on how to handle the aftermath of that statement..Reminds me to enjoy your child and all their milestones( yip including the terrible 2’s) they do grow up so fast afterall.
I had a nice laugh..but overall enjoyed this read..😉

Priss & Vinegar

IMG_8574Two in a nutshell.

I’ve lost track of how many readers have asked for advice about two year-olds, because, well, two year-olds. Two is the heart of toddlerhood and the noisy swan song of babyhood. It’s no wonder parents dread it so.

But you guys, seriously, two isn’t that bad. (And I made it harder on myself by adding a newborn to the mix.) Looking at it in the rearview, the infamy of two year-olds really does seem undeserved. They still nap regularly; they’re ADORABLE; and they’re getting smarter but are still just dumb enough to fall for your parenting tricks (“Oh, look! A firetruck!”)

This is not to say that two is easy: it can be angsty and embarrassing and messy and infuriating, but more than anything else, it’s FRUSTRATING. Frustrating that they dawdle on the way to school, frustrating that they want to wear insane mismatched outfits, frustrating that they just can’t sit…

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